Rootech Cloning Gel 56 Gr - 2 Oz

Rootech Cloning Gel 56 Gr - 2 Oz
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Rootech Cloning Gel 56 Gr - 2 Oz

Here's the best way to accelerate rooting and protect from embolism.

Rootech Cloning Gel is Best used for: Rooting cuttings

Rather than inhaling dusty powders, use Rootech Cloning Gel to seal cut plant tissue, preventing embolism and infection. Rootech's unique formulation protects the stem and delivers sustenance that can be used immediately. Rootech Cloning Gel is an exceptional and unique recipe containing a powerful hormone, specially formulated to promote rapid, healthy root development during vegetative propagation.

This formulation is among the strongest cloning gels on the market, with a concentration of 0.55% (5.5 g/l) IBA. It's so thick it can be applied to cuttings during watering sessions.

Rootech Cloning Gel is ideal for propagation of the most hard-to-root plants. It can also be diluted with water for use in cutting machines, helping form roots efficiently. Rootech Cloning Gel is packaged in a ready-to-use, wide-mouthed container, into which several cuttings can be dipped at the same time without the risk of mess and spills. The gel format ensures ease of use, while avoiding the dangers of inhaling dusty powders.

Technaflora proudly manufactures Rootech Cloning Gel in Vancouver, and its bountiful results and competitive price continue to make it the choice of gardeners everywhere.

Benefits and Features

  • A gel-based format (as opposed to powders) is effective in sealing cut plant tissue and preventing embolism & infection
  • A thick, rich formula, Rootech clings to plant cuttings even during top watering
  • At 0.55% concentration, Rootech is the most potent among cloning gel in the hobby and commercial market
  • Mixes with water easily for dilution if desired or for use in propagation machines

Active Ingredients

  • Indole-3 Butyric Acid 0.55%
  • Vitamin B-1 0.00054%
  • Inert Ingredients 99.45%
Available Sizes:
7g (Sample), 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 28oz, 4L

Special Oder Sizes: 20L

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Rootech Cloning Gel 56 Gr - 2 Oz