PNG-020 Digital Precision Thermostat

PNG-020 Digital Precision Thermostat
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PNG 020 Precision Thermostat W / Display

Controls cooling or heating equipment. Day and night settings keep temperature within your set point. 10 ft temperature probe is accurate to within 2°F.

Displays ambiant temperature
Day and night setpoints from 50°F to 100°F
Operating mode: Heating or Cooling
Adjustable differential
Displays if output is activated
Made in North America


- Weight : 1,5 lbs
- Digital display : Yes
- Day/night detection : Photocell
- Day/night setpoints : Yes
- External probe : 20??(50 cm) cable
- Power supply : 120V - 15A - 60Hz
- Output maximum current: 120V- 15A - 1HP -Operating conditions : 0 to 60 °C, 0 to 95 % non-condensing RH
- Sensor accuracy : ±2oF (±1,1oC)
- Adjustable temperature setpoint : 50 to 100oF (10 to 38oC)
- Controlled equipment : heater, ir conditionner or fan

How to Get Started

1- Plug the PNG-020 piggyback in the AC 120 outlet you want to use to supply your equipment.
2- Plug in the piggyback the equipement (max load 15 amps) you wish to control the temperature with.
3- Set day setpoint (upper knob) and night setpoint (lower knob).
4 - Set the operating mode to heating or cooling (with the mode button).
5- Use preset or automatic differentials with the lower button.

Quick features:
- Press and hold the mode button 3 secondes to switch oF to oC.
- Press and hold the mode button 6 secondes to activate or deactivate lock mode (lockmode = setpoints locked)


3 Years

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PNG-020 Digital Precision Thermostat