EZ-Clone 128 Low Pro System - Black

EZ-Clone 128 Low Pro System - Black
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CAD $699.95
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EZ-Clone 16 Low Pro System - Black

Start your own cuttings in days with the EZ CLONE 16 Pro! New improvements have created a cleaner, more efficient aeroponic growing system that turns out robust specimens rapidly. A more rugged, low-profile design allows the unit to operate using less water in a smaller space while maintaining a clean environment. Cell numbers are clearly labeled, making it easy to track different varieties.


  • No need for messy growing media
  • Pressurized misting stimulates dense root growth
  • Small reservoir maximizes water efficiency
  • Black UV protected HDPE plastic
  • Units stack easily and safely
  • Reusable cloning collars


  • Reservoir
  • Lid labeled to help track specimens
  • black cloning collars
  • Water pump with extended base plate and suction cups for stability

Grower's Tip:

We recommend changing the nutrient solution in these units every 1-2 weeks. As water evaporates, top off reservoir levels with 1/4 strength nutrient solution or plain water.
1 Year

EZ-Clone 128 Low Pro System - Black