Co2 Regulator 0.5 - 15 - Green Gold

Co2 Regulator 0.5 - 15 - Green Gold
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Co2 Regulator 0.5 - 15 - Green Gold

Green Gold CO2 Regulator combines a precision flow gauge and an industrial solenoid valve. Each unit also comes with the tubing needed to disperse the CO2 evenly throughout your grow room, by attaching the tubing to the back of an oscillating fan for even dispersion. The flow gauge can be set from 0.5 to 15 Cubic Feet Per Hour. Used in conjunction with a CO2 Controller or timer, it covers a broad range of set-ups.


  • Designed to work with any control device, that is 120v
  • Includes a tank pressure gauge, to indicate remaining pressure
  • Ships with a solenoid valve, 6 ft. power cord and 16-feet of 1/4" air line
  • Heavy duty solenoid valve
  • High-quality oil-less pressure gauge
  • Includes two spare plastic washers
  • Accurate flowmeter: 0.5-15 SCF/hour
  • Includes 16' of 1/4" CO2 gas dispensing line
  • Solid brass construction for dependability
  • 1 Amp/110V/60Hz

Grower's Tip:

Using and transporting bottled CO2 can be DANGEROUS, if mishandled. Follow local regulations for transportation and storage of compressed gasses. Even though CO2 is non-flammable, it is stored at exceedingly high pressures (up to 1500 PSI).


1 Year
Questions & Answers
Question: What does a co2 regulator do?

Answer: The purpose of the Co2 regulator is to control the gas flowing from the tank to our grow room. Standard tanks contain CO2 at a pressure measured in hundreds of pounds per square inch, making it dangerous to work with if not controlled.

Question: What should I set my co2 regulator at?

Answer: Under normal conditions we recommend running your Co2 regulator at 12 PSI. To make your adjustments turn clockwise to increase output pressure, and turning counter-clockwise will decrease the output pressure.

Question: Why is my co2 regulator leaking?

Answer: Leaks can happen if the connection to the tank has not been done properly. Simply close the tank by turning the dial, then recrew connection to the tank if the problem continues you must add Teflon to the threads. If the problem persists, you may need to change the plastic gasket. For this, remove the co2 regulator from the tank and look inside where the threads of the co2 regulator are found you will see a transparent gasket to be removed and replaced with a new one.

Co2 Regulator 0.5 - 15 - Green Gold