Combo Carbon Filter MtAir 1040 + Typhoon XL 10"

Combo Carbon Filter MtAir 1040 + Typhoon XL 10"
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Combo Carbon Filter MtAir 1040 + Typhoon XL 10"

Mountain Air Activated Carbon Filters remove 99% of everything, under 20 microns from the air in one pass. This includes all organic odors. Some of the uses of these superior air cleaners are: food processing, indoor growing, restaurants, mortuaries, or anywhere odors and air quality are an issue.

Mountain Air carbon is derived from an allocthonous, subbituminous black coal, deposited in the Devonian Period, in a Pre- Cambrian formation, within the Collie Basin, over 230 million years ago. It is the planet's oldest coal. It has extremely low ash content. Trace element discrimination demonstrates it to be physically and chemically unique.

Combo Includes:

1 x Mountain Air
1 x Typhoon Inline Fan

These Typhoon XL Series high performance mixed flow fans feature:

  • Superior steel construction (10", 12"), with black powder coated baked paint
  • Convenient sizes from 6 to 12 inches
  • They incorporate a "tape flange", that allows you to place the ducting on the fan and tape it in place easily
  • Balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation
  • Typhoon XL mixed flow Fans offer high quality at a low price
  • The fans are engineered for long life, made with the highest quality components
  • Include an attached 120 Volt, 8 foot power cord
  • Engineered for vibration-free operation
  • Mounting bracket included
  • These fans feature a 5 year warranty

Grower's Tip:

To determine the proper Combo Pack size for your indoor garden you must first calculate the size of your room (length x width x height) and divide that number, by how quickly you would like the air in the room to be exchanged (we suggest 1-3 minutes). This number is the recommended MINIMUM CFM that is needed for the room.
3 Years

Combo Carbon Filter MtAir 1040 + Typhoon XL 10"